Natural hemostatic drug. Medicinal herbs in the composition of balsam improve blood clotting, help to stop various bleeding. «Emostatin» stimulates the formation of erythrocytes, increasing hemoglobin. The reception of balsam provides a persistent hemostatic effect.

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Balm on the basis of medicinal plants in original bottles of 100 ml with a protective seal, equipped with a measuring cap and cardboard packaging with a protective branded holographic sticker.


Extracts: lagohilus (Lagochilusinebrians); nettles (Urticadioica L.); shepherd’s bag (Capsella bursa); water pepper (Poligonumhydropiper L.); yarrow (Achilleamillefolium L.); tatarnik (Onopordumacanthium);highland serpent (Poligonumbistorta).

Chemical Composition:

phytoncides, flavonoids (quercetin, quercetrine, rutin), lagohilin, vitamins A, D, E, K, C, formic, pantothenic acid, carotenoids, essential oils, tannins.

Clincal Effects:

  • haemostatic increases the coagulation ability of blood due to the activation of plasma and cellular clotting factors;
  • antifibrinolytic fibrinolysis proactivatorsare suppressed;
  • reduces the permeability of small vessels, small damaged vessels are clogged;
  • stimulates the contraction of the smooth muscles of the uterus;
  • stimulates erythropoiesis.

Indications for Administration:

  • uterine, gastrointestinal, pulmonary, hemorrhoidal hemorrhages;
  • diseases associated with increased permeability of blood vessels (hemorrhagic diathesis);
  • improvement of uterine contractility;
  • to prevent increased bleeding during surgical interventions.


5-10 ml 3 times a day.
Use until the clinical effect is achieved.


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